Fleur Cargin, Naturopath - Specialising in weight loss and Natural Fertility Education
Services Provided
Fleur specialises in:
·  Weight Loss
·  Detoxification programs
·  The Ultralite Professional Weight Management System
·  Natural Fertility Education (Preconception and
   Pregnancy healthcare)
·  Women's health (Premenstrual Syndrome, PCOS,
    Endometriosis and Menopause)
·  Health writing
·  Staff training
Other ailments Fleur can treat via Naturopathy are:
·  Men's health
·  Skin conditions
·  Respiratory ailments (asthma, hayfever, cold and flu,
   poor immune function)
·  Digestive complaints
·  Insomnia
·  Stress, Anxiety
·  Fatigue
Health Fund rebates:
Health Fund rebates available for naturopathic consultations.
First naturopathic consultation - 1 hour
Follow up Naturopathic consultation - 45 minutes

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