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Ultra Lite. The Professional Weight and Health Management Program

What is Ultra Lite?

Ultra Lite is based on a naturopathic philosophy. It is effective, safe and does not use drugs or stimulants.

Ultra Lite is a 5 week ketogenic (fat burning) program, rather than a weight loss program. There are two ways the program reduces body fat. Firstly, you will learn to incorporate a balanced protein and carbohydrate meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Secondly this eating regime switches off your fat storage hormone known as insulin and activates your fat burning hormone, glucagon.

What foods are allowed on Ultra Lite?

Your three meals need to include protein and low glycaemic carbohydrates. An example would be a tomato/spinach omelette for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch and lamb & vegetables for dinner.

Ultra Lite sachets

The program includes nutritional sachets (made up of vitamins, minerals and amino acids) that can be made up as a hot or cold drink. They are taken four times a day, between meals. They are NOT a meal replacement but are consumed in addition to your meals.

The program burns fat and not lean muscle mass, there is no sagging skin or drawn faces that can result when attempting some diets.

Average weight loss on Ultra Lite

The Ultra Lite program is fast and efficient, with an average weight loss of 8-10kg over 5 weeks. Women tending to the 7-8kg range and men 10-15kg. 

Weekly consultations to monitor your progress

The program includes 5 weekly consultations.  In your first visit I will take you through your Ultra lite manual and how the program works.  Follow up visits are to review your meal diary sheet, weight & measurements and adjust the program as necessary to keep you on track.

Free maintenance consult

Your free (6th) consultation is to introduce you to the maintenance program and consulting time is 30 minutes this consult is done free of charge (saving of $45.00).

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